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Namutumba Synagogue

Ezra Uganda Assistance funded the building of Namutumba Synagogue and outfitted it with a lighting rod and solar power.

The Abayudaya in Namutumba were able to build their own synagogue with a $25,000 grant from Ezra Uganda Assistance. We provided the funds and the residents of the community constructed the synagogue with their own hands, brick-by-homemade-brick. It is now the center of the community where Shabbat and holiday prayers, celebrations, health-related events (such as the village vaccinations and boosters against COVID) and community meetings take place. It is solar powered  (also funded by Ezra Uganda) and is the pride and joy of the Abayudaya people of Namatumba. In the future, Ezra Uganda Assistance plans to fund the expansion of the synagogue grounds and the planting of trees to provide room for outdoor celebrations in the shade, and the construction of synagogue plumbing.

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