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More sources of information about the Abayudaya and their history


by Michael Twaddle. Ohio University Press, 1993.

The history of colonial Uganda through the life story of Semei Kakungulu, the founder of the Abayudaya

by Arye Oded. East African Educational Publishers, 1995.

A comparative study of Ugandan Judaism and Ugandan Islam by a long-time Israeli diplomat and scholar of African Studies

by Richard Sobol and Jeffrey A. Summit. Abbeville Press Publishers, 2002.  

A history of the Abayudaya (with full-color photos and a CD of Abayudaya music) as documented by an experienced photojournalist

by Menachem Kuchar. Hadar Rimon Gallery, 2017.  

A history and travelogue account of one man's encounter with the Abayudaya throughout Uganda, as told through his photographs

by Karen Primack, ed. Ktav Publishing House, 1998.  

Tales of obscure Jewish communities around the world, including the Ababyudaya of Uganda

Scholarly Articles

by Arye Oded in the Journal of Religion in Africa, 1974, Volume 6, pp. 167-186

by Michael Twaddle in the journal History in Africa, 1985, Volume 12, pp 325-333.


by Irwin M. Berg at Kulanu. 1995. 

(archived) by Henry Lubega at New Vision. 2002. 

(archived) A talk given by JJ Keki at the JCC of Greater Washington. 2001.

(archived) by Enosh K. Mainah Ben Abraham at KCholmim. 2006.

Scholarly Articles
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