COVID-19 in Namutumba

Namutumba has had a hard time dealing with COVID-19. The pandemic has exacerbated food shortages and the need for cleaning and hygiene supplies. We have managed to raise more than $34k, which has paid for two doses of the COVID vaccine and a booster shot for every eligible person--Jews and non-Jews--in the village!

To the right are our photos of Namutumba's residents being vaccinated. Vaccinations took place at the Namutumba synagogue--built with funding from Ezra Uganda Assistance--for all villagers, including non-Jews. 

Getting vaccinated in Namutumba
Preparing a dose
Waiting their turn
Vaccinations for everyone in the Namutumba synagogue
Dose number one!
Dose number two!
Waiting to register
Filling out forms
Vaccinating with an audience
Namutumba vaccination queue