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Chicken Start-Up

Our most recent project: we provided funds for a communal start-up run by families with disabled children.

Namutumba is located in a very rural area in northeast Uganda, and there are a lot of animals wandering around, both wild and domesticated. You can see monkeys, and goats, and the village oxen, and……chickens. Lots of chickens.

A group of very special parents had an idea about chickens. These parents care for children who are disabled physically or developmentally—or both. There are few resources to help families with disabled children, so the families came together behind a plan to develop means of supporting their needs through raising chickens.

There is income potential both from sale of eggs and sale of the chickens themselves throughout the Namutumba area. Ezra Uganda Assistance has provided the start-up funding of $18,000 to buy, house, and feed the chickens. It’s a noisy business, as you can see in this video, but it holds great promise as a new source of greatly needed funds.

You can see photos of the families and the chickens in our gallery below.

Project Gallery

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