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Report for the Outgoing Year, 5782

A letter from Yonah Kabweru and Yosef Mayende, General Secretary and President of the Namutumba community board:

"On behalf of the entire community of Namutumba Jewish community, I take this opportunity to congratulate all members of this community, other communities in Uganda and the entire World upon completion of the year 5782. The outgoing year has been the hardest year if not mistaken in the present Jewish life. This is because ever since I was born, I ever asked my grandparents and they also told me the same that the outgoing year was the hardest in their life ever. May the outgoing year of Corvid-19 be put on record. Why am I saying this? This is the year where no student was in school. No private and public cars were on roads, nobody was allowed to pray in worship places, food was costly, deaths rates increased, all these made our lives hard due to the pandemic disease called covid-19 which affected most sectors worldwide.

However, though we have God through all the above, let me thank HaShem for the gift of life to reach this year 5783 when we are still alive.

Furthermore, I thank God/ HaShem that in the outgoing year, we managed to get achievements and among them include the following.

  • Torah which was brought by our beloved sister Samantha Mandeles. This was considered the most important gift in our Jewish life.

  • Maize and cassava seeds distribution. We are privileged to report to you that with the help from Ezra Uganda, we managed to give out seeds to our community members.

  • Power installation. In addition to the solar panel put to our synagogue, Ezra Uganda managed to support us with some funds to install power on both the storage facility and the synagogue.

  • Food relief. During the time of pandemic disease, very many people died of hunger but congs go to Ezra Uganda support that we were blessed that they managed to take through this hard time by helping us with food support.

  • Covid-19 vaccination. We thank Ezra Uganda once more for the endeavor of making sure we are safe. As per now, we would be having some members who died because of the pandemic disease but with the helping hand Ezra

  • Uganda, we managed to vaccinate all our community members all the three vaccination doses namely the first two doses and booster. May HaShem reward you all.

  • Chicken project for people with disability. As you may see, allow me thank the board of Ezra Uganda for the big job they did to see that our brothers and sisters with disability were considered by giving them a chicken project where they can get basic needs.

  • Wheel chairs to our disabled member. We have our brother Mutabuza who was helped with a wheel chair. This really brought Joy to himself, the family and the entire community. However, other people with disability are complaining that we only gave to one person which is a challenge to us as leaders.

  • Shabbat meals. With the help of Ezra Uganda, we have been able to have Shabbat meals and Kiddush throughout the year. We therefore extend our sincere thanks to the entire board of Ezra Uganda.

  • Festival meals such as Purim, sukkot Passover and many more. We were blessed to have Ezra Uganda board which has never abandoned us during times of in need. I therefore thank the president Reb Mama Leila for the great work to see that we receive everything in time.

  • Emergency funds. Let me take this chance to thank the entire board of Ezra Uganda for the great work to see that our lives count to them. Before this project, people used to suffer a lot and many had lost hope in themselves but now this made our hope restored.

  • Education program which started with our girl (Kadondi Mariam). This is just the beginning though it is still challenging. What I know, Ezra Uganda will add us more funds to help more students.

  • Visitors more so our sister Samantha R. Mandeles, this guest was a blessing to us. She came with her so many good things and among them was Torah that we had never got before, she also came with some solar light which were given to some families that missed and many more good things.

  • Money for hospital land deposit, towards the end of the year 5782, we were blessed that Ezra Uganda managed to help us with $500 to deposit on the land where we shall have our hospital built. This is an automatic hope that we shall have hospital built.


We hope to put more efforts on the following and see that we achieve them by the year 5783 with the help of God/HaShem.

  • Cemetery for the community.

  • Land for health facility.

  • Hospital shall be constructed.

  • Education program to be enhanced.

  • We expect more visitors to come and visit the community.

  • Synagogue innovation

  • Public system

  • Synagogue fencing

  • Tents and chairs

  • Agricultural boost

  • Community van

  • Clean water access by every member

  • Businesses to some members more so the youths and women to generate daily income.


Above all, what we have achieved in the outgoing year 5782 have been possible due to team work and Good net-working so I can’t wait to thank the following people.

  • All the community members / congregation.

  • The youth leadership

  • The women leadership.

  • The board members of the community.

  • The community religious leadership

  • The community executive members.

  • Reb mama Leila in person and the entire board of Ezra Uganda – assistance for the support that you rendered to our community that may God/ HaShem reward you all.

Shana Tovah U-metokah!"



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