The Ezra Uganda Assistance Fund is an entirely volunteer-led organization of American Jews working to support our brothers and sisters in the Abayudaya community and raise awareness of their plight. We have built strong connections with the Abayudaya, especially in the town of Namutumba. We aim to augment and improve local infrastructure, and facilitate easier access to running water, electricity, and Hebrew and Jewish educational materials.


Through the generosity of a family foundation that wishes to remain anonymous, we've begun work on a number of new projects, including:

  • provide solar power to Namutumba’s school (where the Abayudaya children study along with Muslim and Christian children from the larger Namutumba town)

  • provide solar power to Abayudaya synagogue in Namutumba

  • clean, repair, and fence Namutumba's wells to protect them from animal contamination


As a volunteer-led, low-overhead organization, we invest the vast majority of donations right back into feeding the Abayudaya in Namutumba during times of drought and famine, obtaining livestock and farming tools to enable the community to feed its members, and providing school supplies and books to the children of the village.